Watching 7 Anime this season!

So i’m currently watching 7 Anime this season,

“Your lie in April” An anime focused on a main character that used to be a be a very good pianist(also very young) coping with is mental problems caused by his mother, he lives life looking around only seeing gray until he meets a girl that makes everything Colorful. This anime is a romance drama. I can personally say you will most likely cry in one episode (not gonna say but watch it :D)
“DENKI-GAI” This anime is about the workers at a manga/anime shop, comedy and romance thrown together with some moments that will have you on the floor crying of laughter.  Though i want to say that Episode 7 should have not been made (:|)

“I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” That title is too big, anyway this anime is only 4 minutes long every episode so its worth the watch quick funny and directed at adults. (Also this anime is about a relationship between an otaku and a normal person, so it is interesting to watch also it is very funny)

“Log Horizon” God love this anime (So i will bag on it a little it likes to drag on when it does not need too Example: episode 7 honestly did not have to happen) But i do love the world that has been made for are viewing pleasure.(Highly recommend if you like smart protagonists)


“Trinity Seven” Now for a harem anime this show is quite good … onto the description! The main character wakes up in a world that the sun is black. Everyone including his childhood friend say that is how the sun has always been. (The show starts out Amazingly and if you are ok with fanservice this show is really good) A girl shows up with a massive gun and gives the main character a choice to forget everything or to die. 😀


“When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace” Imagine if you were giving the power to manipulate time, or Create anything by just thinking it, or Control over the elements. Well watch as these students gain and hide their powers while trying to have a normal life.( Also episode 7 :0 you will be speechless at the performance)


“NANATSU NO TAIZAI” The seven deadly sins the title giving to the 7 strongest of the strong within the holy knights. Betrayed by their fellow holy knights the sins vanished. 10 years later a girl wanders the lands looking for the seven sins to save her kingdom. (This anime is a great show. i have been reading the manga since it started and i can say this if you liked bleach, DBZ, yu yu Hakusho; You will like this

If you would like to discuss any of the anime listed go ahead and comment (i’m up to date with all of them) Odin OUT!